Friday Favourites #002

1. Mood Board by My College Student, 2. Beautiful Custom by Picara, 3. Oil Painting by Emma Mount

Wow! Another edition of Friday Favourites already! This week has flow by far too quickly for my liking. Not enough time in the days to play with my girls, need to change that soon though.

This weeks edition I have to include part of a lovely mood board one of my students created at college. It's not often you find someone in the outside world that mentions the secret code word Blythe! I don't know about you but when ever I find someone who knows (and likes) the world of Blythe and all the other cool areas, I seem to gush about everything! 

Next up I thought about going back to the beginning of where my love started with Blythe. There are a couple of girls that really kicked my obsession hobby off and one of those were an amazingly custom girl work by Picara (RogueDolls). Sweet Death Shinigami and especially Lost in a Fairytale were definitely part of the pack to get me hooked! 

Finally I had to include a bit of a creative piece inspired by Blythe by Emma Mount. Her work is fabulous and she was so friendly at the Blythe Con UK '12! I so totally regret not getting one of her prints on vintage plates and will need to change my plate-less life soon! *wink!*

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

~Adelle xox

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  1. I spy with my little eye, my darling girl, Marina! :D She's a custom by Friends with Blythe (Danny) and her lids are by Kaleidescope Kustoms! :) She's one of my favorite girls in my collection! :) Thanks so much for liking her! :D