Friday Favourites #002

1. Mood Board by My College Student, 2. Beautiful Custom by Picara, 3. Oil Painting by Emma Mount

Wow! Another edition of Friday Favourites already! This week has flow by far too quickly for my liking. Not enough time in the days to play with my girls, need to change that soon though.

This weeks edition I have to include part of a lovely mood board one of my students created at college. It's not often you find someone in the outside world that mentions the secret code word Blythe! I don't know about you but when ever I find someone who knows (and likes) the world of Blythe and all the other cool areas, I seem to gush about everything! 

Next up I thought about going back to the beginning of where my love started with Blythe. There are a couple of girls that really kicked my obsession hobby off and one of those were an amazingly custom girl work by Picara (RogueDolls). Sweet Death Shinigami and especially Lost in a Fairytale were definitely part of the pack to get me hooked! 

Finally I had to include a bit of a creative piece inspired by Blythe by Emma Mount. Her work is fabulous and she was so friendly at the Blythe Con UK '12! I so totally regret not getting one of her prints on vintage plates and will need to change my plate-less life soon! *wink!*

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

~Adelle xox

Friday Favourites #001

1. OOAK Diorama by Bimba, 2. Rosario by I.G Sirenita, 3. Diorama by Keera  

This week I've been feeling really under the weather and have been keeping below decks like a good little sailor! *wink!*

One thing that has been cheering me up and taking my mind of the funny British weather, has been looking at beautiful dioramas like those by Bimba and Keera. I love all of the amazing details and extra effort put into sources precious items to fill the desks with. Who wouldn't love a pom pom necklaces hanging above their favorite magazine and cup of tea? 

Lastly how could I not include the beautiful drawing by I.G Sirenita, she creates some of the most breathtaking sugar calavera dolls around. 

Considering a diorama was on my Eleven Wishes for Thirteen list, I think I may just need to add a sugar calavera girl to it too! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

~Adelle xox


Sugary Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Sweeties!! I hope you all had a sugary sweet day full of secret wishes being filled! Enjoy the rest of the day with the one you love, or doing something fun that you love... who said you can't spoil yourself?

~Adelle xox


Giveaway Winner + Coupon Code

Congratulations to Adia Ward who won the latest giveaway!!!! The 'Darkness Blooms' dress and Mini Toasty Sweet Fluff Lalaloopsy will be making it's way to you soon! If you feel like you missed out on the fun there is still a coupon code available for the shop until Sunday night, just use code: AALOVE2013 


An Arrietty Giveaway + Coupon Code Update

Giveaway: Ending Soon

Only one more day to be in for a chance to win both this 'Darkness Blooms' dress and a Mini Lalaloopsy!! Remember to check out more information here! 

I also have a bit of a pre-Friday feeling and want to share the love, so here is also a coupon code to get 10% of your order in the shop until Sunday! Just quote: AALOVE2013


An Arrietty Giveaway: January Edition

Giveaway: January Edition

So I've decided to host another giveaway! Everyone loves them... especially me! *wink!*

The Prize: One lucky winner will get this 'Darkness Blooms' dress, which I haven't released in the shop yet. As well as a Mini Toasty Sweet Fluff Lalaloopsy. They're so adorably cute! You can see one of my girls playing with her here.

How To Enter: For every single item purchased in the shop from now until January 25th will gain an entry into the draw.

Good Luck! 


A Doll A Day - A 365 Challenge

The start of the New Year is nearly here. 2013. Wow, this has been a crazy year and I feel like I've let too much rush by so quickly. So this year I have a couple of resolutions and they all revolve around my one little word for the year, MORE!! 

I want to take more photos of all my girls, make and be more creative, less procrastination and more active and productive! 

A 365 Challenge

So a couple of years ago I had all the good intentions of going through with a blythe 365, you can see some that I did take here. I loved doing it and it really made me think out of the box. But I didn't finish, and I have a few more ideas up my sleeve! *wink!* 

So this year I've decided to give it another shot! Are you going to give it ago?! Let me know and we can cheer each other on, or join the flickr group. 

One more question, if you're going to give it ago, are you going to go with one girl the whole year or multiple?! I have about twenty four hours to decide and I have no idea!