In My Head


Sometimes I just need a little time out to look at how things are running. I'm really excited for where Arrietty's Armoire is hopefully heading, I just need to push myself a little more also. I don't want to stand still with this!

I have so many ideas floating around, it's about time I get them down on paper so I don't forget them.

Blythe Con UK 2012


Well the launch of Arrietty's Armoire shop at Blythe Con UK 2012 was fantastic!!! I absolutely loved the day and had such a fantastic time it is still making me feel so happy! It was so nice to finally meet loads of people in person who I'd only really spoke to online, everyone was friendly and just plain fun!

The hotel was so pretty and plush, even greeting you with the 'famous' warm cookie on arrival! Considering I was craving chocolate on the entire drive down, it was definitely appreciated!! I'm pretty sure that I'll be visiting Manchester again for another stay in the hotel, but also to wander around and take in the sites. Some of the buildings were so pretty, even if I didn't know what they were used for! ;) 


Before the doors opened for everyone to rush through and buy pretty things, I was so nervous I was actually shaking. Needless to say I was worrying for nothing, like I said I couldn't have been happier for how it went! Here's a quick shot of me (now you'll know what I look like if you haven't found me on flickr!) and a picture of the table. I'm so proud of how it looked pretty and presentable, but I guess that might be the artist and perfectionist coming out in me! ;)

Untitledvendor table

Even though I was a vendor I was able to go wandering around a fair few times thanks to my lovely sister Miss Ellie-Lou for helping out! ;) 

On the wanders I was able to snag some pretty things such as the Piparrot alpaca re-root (to die for), the Lounging Linda dress (was kicking myself for not snagging one at the last Blythe Con), rainbow hat by Polly and eyes by Obvious Zebra!! Plus a few small extras! ;)

the loot

A New Adventure


I just want to say Hi and thanks for stopping by, if you've found this little site. It's my first go at this and the launch of my Blythe shop tomorrow at the big Blythe Con UK. I'll let you in on a little secret yeah? - I'm scared, but nervously excited.

Above is an outfit I've created as part of the launch. The satin skirt and feather overlay skirt will be available from tomorrow, and the tshirts will be coming soon.