A Doll A Day - A 365 Challenge

The start of the New Year is nearly here. 2013. Wow, this has been a crazy year and I feel like I've let too much rush by so quickly. So this year I have a couple of resolutions and they all revolve around my one little word for the year, MORE!! 

I want to take more photos of all my girls, make and be more creative, less procrastination and more active and productive! 

A 365 Challenge

So a couple of years ago I had all the good intentions of going through with a blythe 365, you can see some that I did take here. I loved doing it and it really made me think out of the box. But I didn't finish, and I have a few more ideas up my sleeve! *wink!* 

So this year I've decided to give it another shot! Are you going to give it ago?! Let me know and we can cheer each other on, or join the flickr group. 

One more question, if you're going to give it ago, are you going to go with one girl the whole year or multiple?! I have about twenty four hours to decide and I have no idea! 

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who took part in the fabulous giveaway I used this morning to select a winner and congratulations Karen!!! If you could send me a message on facebook with your address that would be fantastic and I'll get it sent out for you!

Again thanks for everyone entering, and I'm sure this will not be the last giveaway you see here! *wink!* 


Shop Sneak Peek - Day Four

sneak peek - day four

The final preview before the launch tomorrow. A bit of black and white magic full of beautiful texture! Don't forget to take part in the giveaway for a chance to win a cute package ready for the new year! *wink!*


Shop Sneak Peek - Day Three

sneak peek - day three

On a roll of previews, but sorry for the grainy quality dark nights set in super quick now! But I hope some of you are excited at the snippet, I know some were disappointed when these had sold out at BlytheCon! 


Shop Sneak Peek - Day Two

sneak peek - day two

Day two of the preview snippets is here. There is few things more special than pretty swarovski crystals sparkling away!! So twinkly and glamorous for your girls. 


Shop Sneak Peek - Day One

sneak peek - day one

Day one of the preview snippets is here. Purple, lace, and glass seed beads!! A little look at the original idea that set off so much inspiration for the entire start of Arrietty's Armoire. Such small beginnings, full of love and room to grow! 


Launch News and Giveaway

Its the time you have all been waiting for, the exciting news is finally here! Yeah that's right, you read it! The shop launch on etsy is on 15/12/12. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. It's like showing my collection for the first time at BlytheCon all over again!! 

From now until then I'll be sharing a sneak peek each day to get you all even more excited! But up until then how about a fun little giveaway?! 

If you visited BlytheCon UK this year, you may remember I was holding a giveaway. Well the lucky person 
never claimed it, so to celebrate the launch news I've put it back out there for all of you lucky people to try and win! 

the giveaway

One super lucky winner will win:

1 Tiger-lily skirt set, 
1 Daisy hairband, 
1 Royal Princess crown and 
2 Sweets Re-ment sets! 

Pretty super you think?! *wink!* So all you need to do for a chance to win all these cute goodies, is to complete the steps below!

Good Luck! 


Eleven Wishes For 'Thirteen

Wow, it was super hard trying to think of thirteen wishes for 2013! I feel like I'm a little out of the loop now, but these are the eleven wishes I have for the next blythe year. I know some are a little big, but hey - you just never know. 

eleven wishes for 'thirteen

So first up is the cute kitty and bunny ears by Violet Pi, a laura palmer dress from Sleep Forever, of course a Mab Graves print and a Mimsy bear hat. I know the Mimsy hat's hard to get hold of and so are Keera's dioramas, so I think one wish next year is to try my hand at making one! 

Next up on the wish list would be a Button Arcade dress, probably a monster one two for one of my Milky Robot monster girls, or even two dresses if I'm lucky. I love Caramelody's dresses and wish I'd managed to grab a Christmas tree hat when I could. Again fingers crossed! 

I think it's about time I got a carrier for at least one girl so she's protected, then maybe I'd be happier taking them out more for photos. The Sew Pixie bags are especially adorable for there quilted and hexagon patchwork covers. Lastly, I've saved the biggest until last... a middie! Yep said it out loud, I need would like a middie! Sammy Does' middie is so cute with just enough edge, I would really like a middie with fantasy hair so I could chop and rough her up with some attitude, or a Cherish Me Always as a mini sister for Arrietty! 

So that's my thirteen eleven wishes for 'thirteen, what would you wish for?! Leave a comment or class your self tagged to play along on flickr!