Friday Favourites #001

1. OOAK Diorama by Bimba, 2. Rosario by I.G Sirenita, 3. Diorama by Keera  

This week I've been feeling really under the weather and have been keeping below decks like a good little sailor! *wink!*

One thing that has been cheering me up and taking my mind of the funny British weather, has been looking at beautiful dioramas like those by Bimba and Keera. I love all of the amazing details and extra effort put into sources precious items to fill the desks with. Who wouldn't love a pom pom necklaces hanging above their favorite magazine and cup of tea? 

Lastly how could I not include the beautiful drawing by I.G Sirenita, she creates some of the most breathtaking sugar calavera dolls around. 

Considering a diorama was on my Eleven Wishes for Thirteen list, I think I may just need to add a sugar calavera girl to it too! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

~Adelle xox

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